A Key To Longevity

During this talk, you'll learn...

  • The difference between detoxification and a cleanse

  • The impact that detoxification has on the mind and the body

  • Signs and symptoms for needing a detoxification

  • Methods of detoxification from basic to deep

  • Why detoxification is the key to longevity

  • The best times to do a detoxification

  • What to expect after completing a detoxification

After suffering for 17 years with an undiagnosed medical condition and the pain and suffering that she endured on a daily basis, Rochel Marie reached a point in her life where she became determined to heal herself.


As a Registered Nurse she had figured out the medical condition that was plaguing her and that was affecting her mind and her body and she was determined to find a remedy to turn her health and wellbeing around.  She knew that there had to be a better way of living, a better way of feeling, and a better way of achieving optimal health and wellbeing. 


After conducting some research, trying various holistic remedies on herself which began to take away the pain that she had suffered for 17 years, restored clarity to her mind, radiance, and energy to her body she decided to invest in herself. She obtained an advanced degree in holistic medicine which allowed her to obtain not only the scientific information behind why holistic medicine worked but the remedies that healed in 9 months after suffering for 17 years.


The amazing thing is that she discovered that the key to longevity and optimal health and wellbeing was detoxification. Today she shares the wisdom, science, and methods for detoxification which has been proven to be a key to longevity. 


Most importantly she would like to share with you how you can benefit from this wisdom. 

Work Desk

The definition of a millionaire has a different meaning to people depending on whom you are talking to and the level of life that they are living.


However no matter what everyone has visions of being a millionaire or a billionaire for that matter. But what does it really take to become a millionaire? Where does one even begin when embarking on their quest to become a millionaire or when they start their millionaire journey?


Rochel Marie has figured this out and it may not be what you think. For over 30 years Rochel Marie has operated a successful business in Silicon Valley and has been named one of the Top 50 Women-Owned Business in Silicon Valley. Not only that she has also operated a successful online business that focuses on Wellness, Wisdom, and Wealth.


And over her years in the business, she has made millions but you may be asking how did she do that? Rochel Marie shares her strategy for what anyone who wants to become a millionaire should do. Whether you are just starting out in your professional life or you have been in business for a while and have not quite hit that millionaire mark, the information, strategies, tips, and techniques that she shares will help you to define truly what a millionaire means to you and how you can create the blueprint that is just right for you to obtain the “Millionaire” status you desire. 

The Millionaire Blueprint

During this talk, you'll learn...

  • The true definition of a Millionaire Blueprint and how to apply it to all aspects of your life.

  •  The importance of creating your own Millionaire Blueprint

  • How a Millionaire Blueprint goes beyond dollars and cent

  • The first thing you should think about when it comes to creating your Millionaire Blueprint

  • Who should have a Millionaire Blueprint and who should not

  • When should a Millionaire Blueprint be created

  • Why having a Millionaire Blueprint creates Unstoppability

Image by Cayley Nossiter

Being Fierce, Fearless & Unstoppable-


Turning Passion Into Profit

During this talk, you'll learn...

  •  The importance of truly identifying your Passion

  •  Why passion is the fuel for igniting profit

  •  The steps necessary to turn passion into profit

  • Whom you should surround yourself with as you turn your passion into profit

  • The difference between having a dream and having a passion and why one will keep you broke and the other can make you wealthy

  • Who should work on turning passion into profit and who should not

  • Why today is the day to turn your passion into profit

How many times have you thought about doing something that you love, something that you are passionate about only to share that with others who were naysayers and advised you to play it safe, to stick to things that are known to make money and to not waver from that which is sure to make money?


So you went about the traditional route after listening to those folks, played it safe, stuck to the things that looked like they may work, settled into a rut, became fearful of venturing out and trying that thing you are passionate about only to feel defeated, unaccomplished, and not satisfied.


What if Steven Jobs and Steve Wozniak would have given up on their passion? What if Oprah Winfrey would have given up on her passion? What if Sara Blakely would have given up on her passion? What if Bill Gates would have given up on his passion? We would not be blessed today with all the wonderful things that the fierce, fearless, and unstoppable people have brought into our lives.


Rochel Marie knows all too well about being fierce, fearless and unstoppable because that is what it took to start her business 30 years ago as one of the first females to start a telecommunications installation company in a male-dominated industry when she was told that “ a girl should not and can not play in a boy’s playground.”


She took things that she was passionate about and has parlayed them into a successful and profitable business. Rochel Marie shares with you how you can take your passion and turn it into profit no matter what that passion may be. 

Image by Denys Nevozhai

Rochel Marie in Action

This Is Why I Do What I Do...

"We had a speaker cancel on us at the last minute for our wellness day. I was referred to Rochel Marie and she was available to fill in for our canceled speaker. She was engaging, informative, and funny. The audience loved her simple to incorpórate tips and the manner in which she delivered them. In fact, she impressed us so much that we are bringing her back once a quarter as part of our effort to improve wellness for our employees. We hit a home run with Rochel Marie."


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