BL4U Programs


Success comes by with more than just a wish and good intentions. Is your mind programmed for it? When success comes will you be ready to receive it fully and graciously? 


Program Your Mind 4 Success is your tell-all guide for creating a growth mindset towards achieving success in all aspects of your life. This program prepares you with valuable know-how that helps you to achieve your goals and that helps you take on success when it finally comes. 


What is fear? Fear is that little voice that speaks loud and clear to tell you that you cannot do one thing or the other towards your success. Fear is a gigantic leap across a chasm or a small, harmless-looking spider with a fatal bite. Fear makes the good things you want look impossible to attain. 

And yet, some people manage to attain these things anyway. More than facing their fears, they conquer them. And you can too!

Be Audacious: Conquer Your Fear is a great program that you can do at your own pace. The exercises in this program are designed to help you understand the nature and origin of fear, its effects on your health, and how to conquer your fears using a unique 5-step system designed by the Queen of Feeling Fabulous herself. 


You’ve probably heard this a million times: “there is no excuse not to exercise.”

This makes sense! Exercise is a vital part of your health and wellness! Plus, it keeps feelings of depression and anxiety at bay, strengthens you and improves your mobility, and stops you from feeling sick very frequently.

And it really is true-- there ARE no excuses not to be up and moving! But what these other people or promos don’t tell you is this: that there is a way to exercise despite your busy schedule. There IS a way for you to get the exercise your body needs, and Functional Fitness is here for you to exercise despite your busy schedule, no excuses needed. 


Functional Fitness is here to help you get started on your fitness journey without the need to spend long hours at the gym-- long hours you could be spending living your life. 

Wealth is not bestowed upon a select few. Or at least, it doesn’t have to be. 


Most people are resigned to the fact that they will never be millionaires. Most people are resigned to the fact that being a millionaire is merely a pipe dream. What many people don’t understand is that it takes a certain mindset to be a millionaire, and calling it a “pipe dream” is not aligned with that mindset.


The Millionaire Blueprint is a complete roadmap to riches that contains knowledge compiled from the “select few” to get into their mindset, strategies and values that make them outliers.


So many fad diets have come and gone, only to leave people feeling unsatisfied or looking worse than when they started out. Pro tip: stop dieting.


Weight loss works differently on different people. Most people view diets as temporary, and when they don’t see results they get discouraged from continuing their weight loss journey. Many people fail to realize that weight loss involves several factors beyond diet and exercise.  


The Ultimate Weight Loss and Weight Management System is a personally tried-and-tested set of enjoyable techniques designed by Rochel Marie Lawson based on personal experience. These techniques cover several factors we often fail to consider when working to improve our weight.


There’s no need for your skinny jeans to feel like ancient history, or like a distant dream! The 7-Day Detox program is here to help you reset and get you back on track towards a healthier lifestyle.

While our bodies have their own natural detoxification processes, it doesn’t help that we binge eat or simply consume things that are not meant for the body to consume. Each time we take in food or anything that isn’t good for us, we slow down our body’s natural ability to detoxify itself and over time, that builds up.


The 7-Day detox is Rochel Marie’s very own method of helping the body’s natural detoxification process, and it doesn’t involve any silly, artificial shakes or any food supplements! It’s a fast and easy solution that lets you eat real food, and would not cause you to crash or go through the instant rebound that most crash diets would lead you to. 


Has stress taken over your life? We all know that all-too-familiar feeling of the jitters when we are repeatedly exposed to something that stresses us out. Stress can evolve from a simple annoyance to a full-blown panic episode.


In a world where this is just too common, many concepts and techniques of dealing with and coping with stress have become available. Stress-free living is a program designed for you to do at home, at your own pace, and at your own time. 

The Stress-Free Living Program is Rochel Marie’s clear, proven system that teaches you how to erase your stress as you begin your journey down the path of bliss.