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My passion is to share with individuals, business owners, career professionals, and companies how that they can have that which they desire and live the life of their dreams through Wellness, Wisdom, and Wealth

Heartbreak over a Heart Attack

Just two months after the devastating loss of King, I lost my grandfather. He was more than a grandpa you would come to visit on weekends or from time to time. Grandpa was my primary caregiver. Every day, he picked me up from school. Being Sicilian, he shared his love of Italian delicacies with me and even taught me to cook. 

My best memories of him were the hours spent in the kitchen together, making up fun cooking games and enjoying the dishes we came up with. Now he was gone too, and I couldn’t so much as shed a tear because I was told to be strong. My heart ached and yearned for him, but he was gone now too.

A derailed childhood: my 8th birthday party

When I turned eight, I had no idea that it was going to be the start of my life unraveling. Like in any 8th birthday party, the door swung open for the children, myself included, to play. I was met with a horrific sight: my beloved dog King, a German Shepherd, crawled to the front door and lay in a pool of blood after having been hit by a car. This was my first brush with heartbreak. My dog, my best friend was gone, and my party was over. 

The worst part about losing my most trusted companion (who worked extra shifts as a cuddle buddy) was that I couldn’t grieve because I was told not to cry over his loss. I was told to be strong. Without King by my side, life as I knew it was never going to be the same again.

Death, Divorce, and “Dis-ease” Take the Center Stage

I thought that all the recent tragedy was the end of it. How could I, at such a young age, expect it to get any worse? But worse it did get. 

My Brush with Bullies

Despite looking forward to the year starting and to being with my friends, my life took yet another turn. I was determined to be gifted, and therefore had to move away to a bigger school with bigger and older children. One girl in particular had relentlessly harassed me that entire school year.

Bellyaches and bullies

Not knowing what else to do, I suffered through the bullying in silence. My fear manifested itself as a tummy ache and as the bullying increase, so did the pain. Every single day was spent feeling sick.

No Rest For The Weary

From there, I started frequenting the doctor. Test after test, I still felt the same. I was a “Type A” child that excelled in sports and had good grades, but with pain constantly looming nearby. I didn’t want to live my life taking meds, that was for sure.

At some point in my life, I stopped eating. After puberty and hormones had their go at me, the pain never left and merely continued to intensify. I tried everything- I even tried to replace food with juice and eventually, I stopped eating totally.

At the time (it was the late 60’s and the early 70’s), it was not normal or considered possible for a child to suffer from stress. But there I was, going through it all.

And because no one understood what I was going through, I went through PTSD-like symptoms from the events leading up to my adolescence. My mother’s “Don’t cry. Be strong. Big girls don’t cry” approach to teaching me resilience instead left me without an outlet for the pain of loss that festered in my small body. 

Even then, I carried on and lived by this truth: do what you want to do because it can be done.

No matter how much pain I was in, I managed to get by simply by living that motto. I carried this pain with me for 17 long years, but after so much time internalizing the pain from these traumas, I could hold it in no longer. 

My husband found me curled up, sobbing uncontrollably, and writing in pain. My stomach was so painful I had no choice but to remain in the fetal position by the fireplace. I just wanted it to stop. The fire in my belly made me fantasize about stabbing myself in the gut to release this fire. I needed to quench it.

I prayed and cried for God to help me every day, and there it was. Nine months after my husband found me that day, I received what I like to call “the Divine Download.” My prayers were answered, and I received each specific step I had to take. Surely enough, my condition started to improve, and the pain decreased. I finally released the burden from within me.

Every cell of my being had been impacted by this pain that was constant throughout my youth. So much of me was lost- what I was, what I might have been- all because my mind, body, and spirit suffered from this pain. Despite being a good student, a good athlete, and a good nurse, I often wondered how much better I would have been if I hadn’t been plagued with this “dis-ease.”

Healing Stories from the Graveyard (shift)

Not long after my miraculous healing, I soon discovered that not only could I heal myself, I could heal others as well. While I worked as an ER trauma nurse at Kaiser Permanente, I started to notice that I had the unique gift of knowing what it was that was wrong with my patients. I shocked doctors time after time with my spot-on diagnoses and how easily I could pinpoint my patients’ pain, so much that they urged me to attend medical school. 

My greatest joy, however, arose from patients who returned the very next day or sometime later to thank me for helping them. Once I accepted my gift of healing, I quickly realized

That we all suffer from some form of PTSD.
That this divine download wasn’t just for me, it was for all of us.
That this divine force, God, or whatever you would like to call it does not want you to suffer, and neither do I because I know there’s so much more to life and I’ve always known this truth. My “can-do” mindset that I carried from childhood was true not only for me but for a lot of people. 

Stress robbed me of the joys of my childhood. It took away the exceptional athlete I could have been, and this is not what I want others to feel. I don’t want them to feel robbed of the life they could have. 

So, over the years, I mapped the course to living life on my own terms. I’m not talking about a step-by-step self-help guide, I’m talking about the nitty-gritty details of living that will help you prosper in all areas of your life. 

Prosperity follows. Once I got my health back on track, the abundance of grace flowed into every area of my life. I believe that I am able to do this because I teach what I’ve been divinely given.

Are you ready to let me take you by the hand and walk you through the life-changing action steps for creating prosperity beyond your wildest dreams? Are you ready to experience this prosperity in all areas of your life? 

I am a firm believer that everything is possible, you just have to decide where you want to start and what you want to accomplish first. 

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