Who is this program for:


Anyone suffering from sluggish digestion, excess bloat and gas, excess weight, that’s tired of dieting and gaining the weight back, that wants to lose fat and weight and keep it off for good, that is looking for an easy to use system that they can have for the rest of their life.

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  • Strategies to Amplify your Metabolism

  • Tips on how to keep your digestive fire regulated for maximum Fat Burn

  • Techniques on Decreasing Sugar intake

  • Melt Unwanted Pounds and Keep Them Off For Good

  • Easy to incorporate

  • Regulate your blood sugar to avoid peaks and valleys

  • Improve your Immune System

  • Never Diet Again

  • And so much more!

Your metabolism can fall victim to bad eating habits caused by a hectic schedule. Take back control of the way your body processes what it takes in with the Jumpstart Your Metabolism program!

The long road to weight loss is made longer by a lack of visible results. It is a common occurrence for people to jump ship on their weight loss plans because of constant or repeated failure.

The reason you may not be losing weight is because of your metabolism. As we age and fall into less-than-ideal habits, our metabolism suffers and our natural fat-burning mechanisms do not work as they once used to. 


Jumpstart Your Metabolism is Rochel Marie’s 21-day road to lead you back into vitality. It treats your whole person, and not just the symptoms of weight gain so that you and YOUR body can finally agree on what YOU want for it!